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Targeted Advertising Sales of new cars and trucks increased 9 percent in December, a gain that put total sales for 2012 at about 14.5 million vehicles. This is the industries best growth in the past five years. Automobile manufacturers are always trying to conceive new and effective ways to reel in consumers to purchase new vehicles. Since car companies make a variety of cars that come in many sizes and are used for different purposes the target market varies depending on the consumer’s needs and use of the vehicle. In order to meet these needs automobiles are designed with that in mind. Therefore their advertisements are created to catch the eye of their target consumer. For example a magazine advertisement for a Ford C-MAX hybrid SUV placed in a Motor Trend magazine. It was placed there in mind that it would catch the attention of their target audience. Ford starts this advertisement with a catchy rhyme in the top left hand corner that says, “When you’re carrying a lot of weight, C-MAX has a nice little trait, you see, C-MAX help you load your freight, with its foot-activated liftgate.” The rhyme is written over a baby blue sky. As you continue to scan the advert you will notice the setting is in an urban like environment. To the very left stretching down the page there is an orange and blue apartment building approximately five stories high. In front of the apartment buildings you can catch a glimpse of lively tall green trees and a teal colored Ford C-MAX hybrid. Moving towards the center of the advert you will see will a dark blue Ford C-MAX hybrid positioned in front of a white and gray single story building with a beige apartment building towering in the background. The middle right hand side of the page there is a doodle of a man with his hands full of freight walking towards the rear of the Ford using his foot to activate the liftgate. Towards the bottom of the advert is an excerpt describing the vehicles seating capacity and fuel economy, followed by the Ford logo with “Go Further” written underneath.
Like all advertising, the designers try their best to catch the attention of the reader while they are flipping through the pages. Setting this advertisement in an urban city environment can catch the eye of someone who lives that sort of lifestyle. Since the car is a hybrid it can be appealing to those that do a lot of city driving and still get almost fifty miles per gallon as compared to those who don’t have a fuel efficient vehicle that gets poor fuel economy driving in the city. The small and sleek style and design of the C-MAX can draw attention to those that like a more modern look to a car.