Aristides, Chavez And The Encomienda System In Venezuela

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Allison Leon
AP World History
22 January 2014
Essay 1
As seen many times in history the rich and greedy always take away from the natives living in that region. Although having guns, gems, and steel, the natives cannot always fight back and are always defeated. Individuals like Aristides, Chavez, and Morales attempted and broke in some cases the encomienda system by giving back power to the poor, raising education, and by running for president.
Chavez broke the encomienda system in Venezuela by giving power to the poor. By giving poor villages and Schools healthcare and water he started to gain the confidence of the ones who have been abused for so long. Chavez before dictatorship was dissatisfied with the government system of Venezuela and in the year of 1980 tried to overthrow it as a military official. Although he had been thrown in jail for attempting to overthrow the government, he had came back a second time and succeeded in becoming the president. During this time he had implemented ideas of improving the economy, healthcare, and poverty. Missions for these ideas were setting up free medical clinics for the poor and enforcing education to all Venezuelans. Taking away from the rich and giving to the poor he attempted and succeeded in some ways to create a fair equal nation under his dictatorship. Moreover by giving power to the poor and taking from the rich Chavez legacy will still be remembered.
By raising education Aristides changed the encominda system and continues to make change today. Being the first democratically elected president Aristides changed one ideal by implementing the idea of democracy into the country of Haiti. By doing so he created a movement for this democracy to be carried on. In education reform he created many new primary schools and secondary schools for everyone not just for the rich. Implementing an education for everyone he started to create an opportunity for everyone. Also creating scholarships he created thousands of children to go to private school. Providing adult literacy programs he caused the nation to improve majorly on literacy and improved 30 percent. By creating this ideals on raising education be caused almost everyone to be literate which caused most individuals to have a fair chance again others. This democracy that started caused individuals to realize that with freedom of speech you can also express yourself as well. In the long run Aristides had improved education in Haiti by giving the poor a voice.
Morales revolted against the encomienda system by running