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Alan Xie
Prof Anna Striedter
Grammar 28
November 3, 13
Midterm (revision) We lived in a modern-perfect world that the racialism, the discrimination and most of other historical conflicts, which impeded the development of human society, had been solved. Today, people won’t treat you differently from others because of your skin or gender. The society seems becoming more and more ideal. However, nowadays it seems like it is harder for people to get outstanding accomplishment. Cause you were not born to be successful and you need to compete with your peers. Didn’t like people lived in famous family in the middle age who were born to be successful. So nowadays, some significant values and personalities become more and more significant for people seeking success. And the self-esteem obviously is one of these values. Beethoven, what an amazing musician, became a deaf when he was 26 years old. It was an unacceptable truth for him as a pianist. Since he can’t hear what his songs sounded like anymore, which means he had to overcome a lot of difficulties if he wanted to create more songs. That time, everyone near him try to comfort him that he had been successful enough with several famous piano songs. However, Beethoven was a guy with high self-esteem who didn’t take people ‘s commiseration and never stop to fight with his fate. It was undeniable to say that the high self-esteem personality is the most indispensible value for Beethoven to get success. Because at first year after he couldn’t hear anymore, there were many people visited him everyday. Everyone just wanted to show his or her sympathy. But Beethoven felt hurt because of his high self-esteem personility. He decided to start a new journey in composing music and he got a tremendous success. The Moon and Emperor were two of the most famous symphony composed by the Beethoven after his hearing lost. High self-esteem helps people to get achievement since this personality makes people have strong desire to prove themselves or make up something. People who have high self-esteem are easier to get success cause they can’t accept the failure or loss. Take the president Abraham Lincoln as an example. We both know that he is the hero of the United States and he won the Civil War and abolished the slavery. But Lincoln, such a great person, didn’t like other famous politician born in very famous families. He was born in a one-room log cabin on a normal farmland in west of American. His parents didn’t get