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Essay #1

It Is Our Duty

The Vietnam War was a very controversial war for Americans. A lot of Americans believed that America should not be getting involved in this foreign affair. President Lyndon B. Johnson made a speech to his fellow American’s on April 7, 1965 about this foreign affair. He argued that America must enter this war. Johnson feels that America is obligated to help South-Vietnam earn their independence. Johnson kept his audience listening by understanding their point of view and explaining why America needed to be part of this war. His ability to challenge the people of America’s character and make them feel like America is obligated helped him sway his audience.

“We fight, because we must fight if we are to live in a world where every country can shape its own destiny”, Johnson says to America. Johnson started off his speech with talking about the opposing side to his view. He stated that Vietnam was far away, that this was not our war. He also stated that he understands why we shouldn’t have American men risk their lives and die for another country? This was a good strategy to help him sway his audience. He didn’t “bash” the people who do not believe that America should be in war, he agreed with them and it kept them listening. He understands why people believe that but in reality we must fight in this world to attain freedom. “This kind of world will never be built by bombs and bullets. Yet the infirmities of man are such that force must often precede”, he says. He says he wishes that the world was not like this but we must deal with it and do what we can to so that we can attain a peaceful world. As an American, Johnson feels that we are obligated to help the world attain this freedom. We must understand that the world will not be peaceful without a fight before. American’s must have the “superhero” like character, we must help the rest of the world. Johnson states that we have made a promise to South-Vietnam we must keep it. Every president since 1954 has offered support to the people of South-Vietnam.
Johnson is so persuasive because he really believes in what he is talking about. He really believes that America is the country that has to strengthen world order. He says “To leave Vietnam to its fate would shake the confidence of all the people in the value of an American commitment and in the value of America’s word”. What he means by this is that if we were to not help Vietnam, the rest of the world would not be able to trust America if they were to ask them for help. This is a good tactic that he uses to sway the audience because as an American, we want other countries to like and have faith in us. We can’t let our world get corrupt and instable. It is our duty, as America, as the strongest nation, to help keep this world stable and help ensure independence and peace for each country. Johnson also tells America they we are not there for ourselves, but for the people of South-Vietnam, so that they can guide their own country in their own way. The reason he feels that America is so obligated to do this is because them being there slows down aggression. We must keep the world peaceful so that America can also be peaceful and not have to worry either. America is a powerful country and we are obligated to fight in this war. Johnson tells his audience that we can’t be the country that is scared to join in and fight. We have to be that country that wants to help out. Johnson says that by us joining in he hopes that all other industrialized countries, will also join in. America must be the leader of this. Johnson then goes to say that he intends to expand and speed up a program to make available America’s farm surpluses to assist in feeding and clothing the needy in Asia. Being such a rich country America is obligated to help these people in Asia as they are trying to fight for their independence.
Johnson tells the American people that this is necessary to make sure that