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How to Set Up MLA Template

MLA Format is one of the formats that is most needed in college writing, therefore, here

is the process on how to do MLA Format using Pages on your Mac. Begin by opening your

Pages App, click on New Document to create a new archive and choose the Blank Template. By

default, Pages uses font Helvetica and font size eleven. Since these fonts are not right, click on

font name and change it to Times New Roman then click on font eleven and change it to font

size twelve. By default, Pages uses the default margins of one inch for all top, right, bottom and

left and those settings are correct, therefore, there is no need to change them. If you would like to

verify the margins, here are the steps: Click on the Setup icon located on the top right corner then

set the margins under Document Margins.

As soon as you do this, create a Header by clicking on View at the top of the screen then

click Show Layout and a layout of your document should appear. Before you make the Header,

click on the Format icon to display the font properties. You will notice the font on the Header is

not Times New Roman in order to change that click on font Times New Roman over the right

side of the screen. Whenever you are done setting the right font, click on the third box on the

Header, type your last name, hit the Spacebar key on your keyboard once, click on Insert on top

of the screen, and click on Page Number to insert automatic page number. When setting up line

spacing, click under Spacing on the right side of the page and click on “1.0 – Single” and choose

“2.0 - Double“. To enter the first page information begin by going to the top of the page and