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I am here to discuss what teratogens are and what it means. Teratogens are drugs, substances or chemicals that can cause birth defects in an unborn fetus. I will start with prescriptions like anti-depressants they can cause respiratory complications in the third trimester. Over the counter medicine like aspirin can cause smaller birth rates, death and slower motor development. Mothers that consume large amounts of caffeine can have smaller babies or miscarriages; the baby may be born with withdrawal symptoms of throwing up and may be irritable. Babies born to Heroin or Cocaine can have low birth rates, respiratory problems, and physical defects. Some of these defects may include heart problems, seizures or the child may have retardation. These babies may also be born addicts, be very irritable when born and have a shrill cry which is not normal. I would now like to discuss the affects that tobacco may have on your unborn fetus. Some of these may include smaller babies, abnormal heart rate, lung problems and possibly cancer in adolescent age. I want to go over the effects of alcohol during pregnancy. If the baby is born with fetal alcohol syndrome they may be retarded or have motor skill problems and could have some facial deformities. It may affect their immune system, and heart. I now will discuss what some chemicals may do to the unborn fetus. Radiation can cause children to a higher risk for cancer, lower IQ scores and possible deformities of their limbs. Mercury expose can cause brain damage. Lead exposure can cause small babies, brain damage and possible physical effects. I would like to…