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Alicia Mantica
Prof. Stone

How to succeed in Health services Administration.

I am going to talk about how to succeed in this major. First of all I chose this major because I like working with people, so that makes me a people person. I like treating people well, and I like working in a crowed place. Also, a few month before I started my major I was interested in the health field so I chose health services administration. For me succeed is more about how much interest you put in your life/studies. It is all about organization, time management, focus, dedication and responsibility. I’m going to explain you what health services administration is about. Technically it combines business and science in managing the human and fiscal resources needed to deliver effective public health services. Managing the database at a school clinic, developing budgets for a health department, creating polices for health insurance companies or directing hospitals services are just some of the careers I might pursue with a public health degree in health services administration.
For me, I think the objective of an education is to train you to think for yourself. Getting good grades is part of that objective, but not the end. Before you can think for yourself properly there are certain facts you must master. Introductory level college courses are designed to present the basics in a field of study. Spend time every day studying and reviewing outside of class. After class review your notes from that day, clarify in your notes anything that is not clear while you still