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Dylan Sullivan
Eng. 114-16-Posey
Journal 1
September 11, 2014
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Picture essay
9 times out of ten a graffiti artist will be arrested and the officer will show no remorse or understanding for the artist actions or art, it would be my dream to cut that number down to zero. When I was 15 I was able to travel to Miami for the annual art basel one of the most popular art shows held in the slums of Miami where a once worn down hood is now covered in art from the best artist around the world and fully renovated with art galleries on every corner.It was here that I realized that graffiti was a part of my life and headed in directions I would never imagine years ago. in this picture is the most visited galleria in the area and the painting is a piece done by shepard fairy , this picture for me represents graffiti as a whole and all the things that come to mind along with it. Many people perceive graffiti as something negative when really it is a form of expression and becoming one of the most growing and respected arts in the world. Graffiti has influenced my perspective on life , allowed me to experience things many have never had the chance too , and brought joy too many artist around the world.

graffiti and urban art has influenced my perspective on life in many ways. becoming a grafitii artist has allowed me to find myself by doing what i truly feel i should in the moment and not conforming to the usual things teens may do for expression. the fact that i must see every every piece or canvas perfectly in my head before painting it has allowed me to help draw out my goals in life and turn them to reality. most of all grafitii has taught me there are many ways to get things done in life wether or not its been done or not don't let past experiences get in the way with what you want to do and how you feel at the time , your decision is your decision nobody else’s. Many of these thoughts and realizations came from all the many experiences I've had while painting.

Grafitii has allowed me to experience many things at a young age. there would be times at night where I would just stop painting while being way up above a freeway and think how there is so much going on in the world so many moving pieces yet I'm the only person able to experience that special moment. The feeling of doing something in pitch black at night and seing it the next day is the greatest,