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Odyssey Essay Outline
Topic: The relationships between the gods and humans
Lynsey Hicks The topic i’m doing for this essay is On the Odyssey by Homer, The relationship between the gods and humans. I personally like this topic because i feel like the gods are of royalty and the humans are anything but of royalty. The gods seem to treat the humans quite fair, but they each have their own lives and seem to live them completely different. The gods can sometimes be over­ruling and to me they seem quite obnoxious because sure they are the rulers, but you have to give some credit to the humans. The humans seem like they are timid of the gods because of what power the gods have on them. If i lived in that situation i would take a stand because these gods couldn't just get what they want, they should have to earn it like the rest of the people have to. They can still be the rulers, but let them be hard working gods who don't just lay back and demand things.
One example of this is where Polyphemus got mad that Odysseus stomped all over him and asked his daddy a.k.a the god of the sea to help him, so he did because his little boy is mad.
Another example is Circe and how she turned Odysseus’ men into swine because she thought they were intruders. I get it if they were acting like pigs because knowing Odysseus, he is one at times. My conclusion is the fact that if i had to pick a side it would be the humans, not just because i am one but because i