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Ismaiel Almatrok
EN 131E
Essay 2 (Final draft)
Mark Fischer
The Importance of Education for a Decent Job We toil in life to provide for ourselves and our family the daily needs of food and medication to survive. Let’s think of our life as two stages, the first stage is the life of decision and the other stage is the life of applying. In the life of decision, there are two important points. The first point is to decide in what college you want to be. It is essential to love it “Because we love it, we'll be happier, work harder, and ultimately become more successful . . . or at least, successful enough” (Graham). So, the decision life is the life where we establish and prepare ourselves to the next stage of life by putting a lot of effort in the field we love to be more educated and successful. After we graduate and become educated people, the other stage of life will start. The first step in this stage is to search for the dream job. Of course we have thought about it in the decision life and now it is the time to achieve your goal. Once the dream job is attained, we become satisfied in life because we now have done a beneficial journey successfully. However, there are other people who couldn’t finish or even start their education because they were born in a family that needs their children to work with them in order to survive. Unfortunately, these people will end up working as a low wage workers because these are the only jobs that do not require professional skills or knowledge. Holding a job can affect our lives either positively or negatively due to the health insurance, housing and transportation.
In my decision life I have noticed that I like to take my toys, like my remote control car, a part to see how it looks like from inside and try to figure out how it works. I always try to do this until I observed that I like electronics and have the curiosity to know how they work. After that, I found myself as an engineer, meaning a person who loves engineering and would love to become an electrical engineer. As a result, my dream job is to be a project engineer in the largest oil company in the world, Saudi Aramco. Aramco provides many benefits for its employees like health insurance, housing and transportation. Saudi Aramco employees are all provided with a health insurance that covers not only them, but also their parents, and children. As a proof of this, my father accustomed to work for Saudi Aramco and a long with his service for the company, my grandparents, my siblings and I were benefited the health insurance. Moreover, this insurance is not exclusive to Saudis hospitals, I can use the insurance globally. Another feature that is provided by the company that I have a dream to work for is the housing. According to Abdullalh Alhassan who has been working for Saudi Aramco for seven years, Aramco gives you 200,000 riyals ($53,333) as a gift to find housing. In addition, if that is not sufficient to find your dream house, they can give you a loan of 150,000 riyals ($40,000) and fifty-month salary that you have to pay back. The other feature is that Aramco gives you one of its cars or trucks to use only for company purposes and not for personal uses. For example, you can drive company car from the work to your house but you cannot go to buy groceries. I had seen my dad immediately park the company car and take his car to drive to his farm. So that is the power of my engineering degree that will allow me to get a job in such a great company like Saudi Aramco.
People who do not have a degree will not be able to find a job that is willing to provide them health insurance, housing and transportation. One of the jobs that people with no degree can hold is being a maid because it does not require professional skills or knowledge. Being a maid make the responsibility of every item in the house you clean towards you. On one hand, the householders treat you like a slave and monitor you to catch you if the valuable