The Destruction Of Relationships Through Facebook

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Adam Bosworth
Dr. Bauman
21 October 2014
The Destruction of Relationships Through Facebook Facebook is an online social networking service that offers people an opportunity to create a profile to better connect with the world. Upon joining the site, new users can send friend requests to other people. After someone accepts the friend request, they can communicate via messaging, photographs, or posting to one’s Facebook wall. One can simply type in any name and request to be their friend. But people do not realize the harm done involved with this network. Facebook has been notorious for many relationship issues and down falls. The site causes failures and corruption and that is why using the social media network is negative amongst relationships. Many people today are involved in relationships. Whether it is a marriage or a boyfriend/girlfriend commitment, or just a friendship, millions of people across the world are in some type of relationship. It is very common in this day in age for people to cheat on their significant others through Facebook. Many famous celebrities have been caught cheating on their partners through private messaging and photographs through the site. Couples become jealous and uneasy about what happens on their loved one’s Facebook account. According to Dr. Lauren M. Papp, author of Are We Facebook Official?, “Facebook usage and profile displays may be leading to conflict. Facebook is a unique problematic topic for couples and their relationships” (86). Dr. Papp hit the nail on the head when she exclaims that Facebook is a great conductor of relationship conflicts. Many temptations are involved with Facebook; they are more likely to crumble than not having a Facebook account. Using Facebook not only affects relationships at home, but also in the work environment. Coworkers may post mean or rude statuses about another coworker and that leads to problems. Having conflicts in the work area can be very serious. People can get fired or they may be suspended for slacking off from dealing with issues because of Facebook. A positive working environment is key to having a great company and Facebook can definitely change that. In an article by Yun Jiang, “Moreover, unpleasant work structures often result in high stress and low job satisfaction. Which tends to decrease communication both offline and online” (145). It is not a good thing to incorporate the use of Facebook in the workplace because it can lead to problematical situations and poor working conditions. Most relationships are private. Couples do not want anybody to know what goes on in their relationship. Even though people may argue that relationships are not always private, the majority of them are a secret. People post photographs on Facebook all the time, but some are not meant to seen by others. The website’s privacy policy is flawed in many ways. Any Facebook user can see any other person’s profile,