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Lindsey Blackwell
186110 Ever watch a romantic movie and think to yourself, “Oh no, not this typical plot.” Over the years, I have recognized that the same men tend to show up in movies. Just like in the essay “Types of Women in Romantic Comedies Who Are Not Real” by Mindy Kaling, I believe men from movies such as action and romantic comedies can also be classified into groups: the trouble maker, the high school sweetheart, and the Mr. Perfect. Women in movies are constantly being wooed by trouble makers, the man who all the ladies gawk over when he shows up riding a Harley. The man who uses cheesy pick up lines like, “Hey baby, do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?” If that pickup line didn’t work, that overconfident man would probably then ask her to marry him. In which case by the end of that conversation the woman has already convinced herself that she should give the man of the night her number and see what he’s all about. No surprise, she more than likely on date number four is convinced that she is just what that trouble maker needs to change his ways. Whether he constantly gets in fights or can’t help but flirt with other women. Unfortunately, she always seems to learn the hard way.
High school sweethearts have always been portrayed as the ideal love. Everyone knows that on and off again couple in high school, who swears they will go to college together and live happily ever after. Then the man realizes his options at college are endless; with temptation practically knocking at his dorm room. Not a surprise that he admits to his girlfriend, that he needs to explore his options. While on the woman’s side, she has no idea what life is like without him. She finds herself in bed with Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream for the next month, while her girlfriends beg her to go out and party. Reluctantly, after time she manages to bring herself together and move on just like he did.
Women in movies are also constantly melted by