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Vanessa Garcia
Professor Bean
English 101
1 March 2015
Defining a True Leader

There are two kinds of people in this world; there are followers and then there are leaders. I know of quite a few leaders in my life that are good examples of what it means to be a leader, but I wanted to go with someone who can bring clarity into my essay of what a good leader is, how they carry themselves, how they think, and how they interact with people. I find Emma Watson a perfect example of what it is to be a fine leader with fine leadership skills. First of all, to be a leader, one must have a certain way they should carry themselves as well as a certain way they should interact with people. An outgoing personality is one of the best traits that make a great leader. Nothing will happen or get done with a fearful timid person leading. One must be assertive, charismatic, and decisive. Emma Watson is a fiery individual filled with hunger and passion; she has this zest for life. With her enthusiasm and dominant ego she gives fine speeches about feminism and gender equality. One also must work well under pressure to achieve greatness. She presented a brilliant speech for the HeForShe Campaign and blew away millions with her intelligence. How one thinks plays a big part in being a leader. You are what you think; you become that and it surfeits out of your body. A great leader is confident and creative, spontaneous yet poise, and educated yet humble. Emma Watson portrays these traits seamlessly and flawlessly. She is a highly educated humble young woman who has people all over the world listening to what she has to say and what she firmly believes in as well as what she wants to accomplish with these rights she believes in. No matter the obstacles she continues striving hard and she gives her utmost. She was voted the U.N Goodwill Ambassador and she speaks out in many magazine interviews, one of them, teen vogue. She also isn’t afraid to use the F-word when she speaks out and takes stand. Leaders have oomph! It is important to interact with people a