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Essay #2 Proposal The first ad that I chose to do is Muscle Milk. Muscle Milk uses a couple key advertisement strategies in their ad. The one that mostly stuck out to me was the fact that they used two well-known all-pro NFL athletes. Using popular stars automatically draws an interest to the public in many ways. Kids might see their role model, and then want the product thinking it will help them be like him. If NFL fans see this ad, they might look more into the product and see if it can benefit them. Even getting a group of people to look into your product and to keep in mind is good. The two athletes Muscle Milk chose are both very fit and muscular. This is possibly the biggest attention getter by using these stars, anybody who works out for muscle gain will be immediately interested. At the bottom of the ad it says, “Nature’s Ultimate Lean Muscle Formula.” By saying its nature’s formula is another great advertisement plan. When people think of the word “nature”, the first thoughts that usually pop in mind is that it’s healthy or natural. Another good piece of information that I noticed was that above the slogan they show the product in four different flavors. If one flavor was shown, some interest might have been lost from the people who were on the fence about it. Also, on the front of the containers, they have the amount of protein in big and bold numbers. Seeing actual numbers will give the viewer the thought of how much protein the drink actually contains. It’s a given that Muscle Milk put a lot of thought and time into their ad, and more than likely it paid off. For my second ad, I chose to do Gatorade. Almost all major sporting events use Gatorade to rehydrate their players. The main thing that caught my attention on this ad was the man-shaped water figures on the treadmills next to the athlete. The water people look like they are slowing down, which is a good representation of how Gatorade is better for you when you’re active. This particular idea would bring interest to anyone that workouts or that is active. In this ad, Gatorade used a Finnish football player named Mikael Forssell to promote them. Having him running in the gym is a good idea, but I think using an athlete that’s famous in another country is a small flaw. If they had used someone more popular and possibly more local, they would likely draw more interest. However, it is a great ad for Europe and Finnish football fans. At the bottom right of the ad, there is a phrase saying, “Is it in you?” In my opinion, catch lines seem more powerful with a question mark at the end of it. Also, Gatorade made the “it” in the question the same color as the Gatorade. This ad had creativity, but I feel they