Relationship Between Us Essay

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Gregorich 1
Justin Gregorich
Professor Ashleigh Gardner
25 November 2014
Relationship Between Us
The amazing and one of a kind relationship I have with my dog is a true example of the statement “mans best friend.” Whether, it’s the excitement of waking up every morning to that cute face, the extreme amounts of fun we have together at that park, or going the extra step to make a safe Sunday dinner so she feels part of the family. What ever it may be I always know she will be right by my side.
Having the pleasure of waking up every morning to the wet and slimy tongue of my dog is better then any alarm clock imaginable. The excitement immediately filling the room the moment I open my eyes, nudging her nose against my face is her way of saying “lets go, wake up!” I just can’t help myself when I look at that sweet carefree face, not to get up. She rushes off my bed to the front door scratching at it and awaiting for that magical gate to the unknown promise land to be opened. She darts out the door and down the driveway to the nearest patch of grass to relieve herself from the night before. She starts to roll around in the morning grass getting all kinds of dirt and mud on her. I start to get mad, but then she looks at me with that “I’m sorry” face and I can’t help not to smile. As everything starts to settle down, I take a seat with coffee in hand, and enjoy the aroma of first day break. Fresh cut grass and listening to the sweet sounds of the morning birds love songs with my best friend by my side.
Unfortunately this special moment has to be put on hold due to the worst part of both of our day, school time. However, we both know three hours later we will be together again and on our quest to the dog park to get some exercise. Something we both look forward to everyday all day. Later that day I finally pull into my driveway, get out of my car, and hear that anxious sound of long nails against the hard wood grain. Every step I take inch by inch, the excitement fills all over my body. Once again the
Gregorich 2 magical gate opens and there sits my best friend starring at me, waiting to hear that one special command every dog earns for “wanna go for a walk”? As I get ready and grab her leash, my best friend is spinning in circles of excitement like a merry-go-round. We head off to the local park with a Frisbee in one hand and a tennis ball in the other. Before we start to play fetch we first have to say hi to our other friends. I almost feel like I have no friends compared to my popular companion. Finally, play time is here. I throw the ball as high and far as I possibly can “BAMM” she bolts off after it like lightning striking from the sky. A few hours go by