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Kellie Shore
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Essay 2 Rough Draft

I had no clue that cell phone tower workers were not properly trained to do their job. The $10 an hour rate shocked me. Our minimum wage is more than that here. I think it is shady how these giant cell phone companies contract the work out to Contractors who then subcontract the work to inexperienced people that are desperate to just have a job making money at anything. By providing proper training and safety protocol to Cell Phone Tower Workers, fatalities can be avoided at all costs. The fatality rate is unreal. Any death is too much, especially when it can be avoided by proper training and safety protocol and equipment. After watching OSHA investigate the deaths of many cell phone tower workers, and having their hands tied due to contracting and subcontracting there is no one to place the responsibility of lives lost due to improper use of safety equipment and training. What about the workers families that are left with nothing? My solution is having a responsible party. Meaning that cell phone companies who make billions of dollars off the product should be the ones providing a proper training course/school and safely measures to ensure the safety of the workers. I do not think the jobs should be contracted and subcontracted due to the lack of responsibility that comes with fatalities and accidents. If cell phone companies want to hire the contractors as employees of their company then they should have to pass a technical training course, have mandatory drug testing, and complete a workplace safety class as well.
This will create responsibility and will ensure proper training and safety measures since I know the big cell phone companies will not want fatalities on their conscience. By providing liability, this can