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Good Evening Everyone

Our contract with Time Warner Cable will expire in May of this year. As such, several weeks ago we began trying to locate another cable provider – not because we were necessarily unhappy with Time Warner, but to explore any other possible options that we might have for Cable service. We contacted Comcast, Verizon, ATT, and a couple of others and found that Time Warner is the ONLY cable company that serves our address on Spring Valley. ATT agreed to “explore servicing options”, but soon found that all wiring would have to be redone and it would be a costly venture. We did not contact any non-cable providers (Dish, Direct TV, etc.) since we really didn’t like the idea of 80 satellite dishes being mounted on our buildings. Therefore, it appears that Time Warner is at this point, our only choice. Three years ago, when our previous contract expired, the Treasurer of the Board simply renewed the contract with no changes to it. You have been receiving the basic cable channels, and maybe a few HBO channels. Anything over and above that you have been paying Time Warner additional fees. Services/coverage remained the same and so did the rates. However, this time that is not possible. Time Warner is making some rather major changes to their service that will directly impact us. I will explain the changes and present the current offer made to us as clearly as I can. This is the result of frequent negotiations with Time Warner over the past couple of months. First, in six to nine months T/W will no longer support Analog in any way. It will be totally Digital transmission and while some of your TV boxes will no longer work, and will have to be replaced by a digital one, that is a vast improvement over what we have now. Secondly, we have negotiated a bundle pricing structure which includes roughly three times as many TV channels as we receive now AND all Internet service. The plan is as follows:

Bulk Services – Digital Cable with HBO and a High Definition Digital Box. Each Unit Receives: Standard Cable (72 Channels) Digital Channels (180 Channels with Music Channels) HBO (14 Channels) for a total of 266 Channels, One High Definition Cable Box, And “On Demand” will also be provided at no charge. If you require any additional HD boxes – they are $11.99 each.
The Retail price of this package if you purchased it individually is $103.96.

Internet Bulk Services – Involve “Turbo” Internet 20/2 mpbs (wireless modem is Included). The retail individual price of this service is $54.99.

Residents are responsible for the equipment. You will receive a HD box and a Modem, but you will be required to sign off on the equipment and set up your own account with Time Warner in order to receive any equipment. Information will be provided to you later detailing how to do that. You also have the opportunity to add additional services to the package as you do now, and you will be billed individually just for those services as you are now.
Our monthly bundle package price for the above Cable and Internet service is $65.00. We think that is an excellent deal. You are currently paying to the HOA slightly over $31 per month and Time Warner builds in a 5% yearly increase. The new contract will be for three years and carry only a 3% yearly increase. The HOA pays for those increases.
So the bottom line is that your fees will go up about $34 per month. According to Time Warner, roughly 60% of you have current contracts for Internet service with them. When we go with this plan, your old contract is…