Essay 3.2 Prompt

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Essay 3.2 Prompt
Due: Monday, March 16, 2015. Please bring a printed, stapled copy to 18 PLC by noon and post a Word document (.doc or .docx) copy to SafeAssign.

In the essay 3.1 you wrote a draft of an essay that responded to a Q@I surrounding income inequality, business ethics, the American Dream, economics, wealth, taxation, etc. For the next version, you must use the feedback you receive from me and from your writing circle groups to revise, expand, and polish your argument. For many of you, this will require significantly changing your approach or focus on the argument; for others, this will require expanding on what you have already written by offering more evidence, analysis, and/or discussion. Once you have finished writing the essay, please proofread it slowly and carefully, taking care to fix any spelling or grammar errors. I strongly suggest you proofread the essay more than once.

A successful essay will include:
An enthymeme with one claim and one reason that supports that claim; the enthymeme must have a clear shared term and must respond to a Q@I.

A line of reasoning that develops the Burdens of Proof presented in the enthymeme. The line of reasoning may rely on hypothetical examples, common knowledge, logical reasoning, personal anecdotes, or quotes or paraphrases from the unit’s readings. All quotes and paraphrases must be properly introduced, explained, and cited following the MLA guidelines. Note: The essay may not use outside sources.