Reflective Letter: For You By Keith Urban And Monty Powell

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Reflective Letter In my critique I wanted to inform my readers that the song “For You” by Keith Urban and Monty Powell is a meaningful song that makes you think about your life. I chose this song because it is a patriotic song that many people can enjoy. This song includes things like Christianity, and family, along with military references that anyone can appreciate. When reading the title of this song you can assume that “For You” means that I will do something for you because I love you and that would be true. Although it goes a little deeper in its meaning making the listener, military or not think about whether they would give their life for someone even if they barely even knew them. My audience for this critique is anyone that listens to country music. They are my audience because they can enjoy a good country song better than a person who only likes rap or hip-hop etc. This group of listeners would be interested in reading my critique because I have some insight from the military perspective and I am able to shed some light into experiences I have had and how they ring true to this song. My writing process has its ups and downs but after writing the first essay and learning how to do a freewrite it has gotten a lot easier. I do a freewrite with every paper I turn in because it helps me remember ideas. For instance as I am writing my paper I am able to go back and look at my freewrite and put things in order. I have also been learning to keep my ideas together and on point and not to make my paper seem like I am rambling on and on. I am still learning the APA structure as it is a bit confusing because I have been told that somewhere along the line somebody made a huge, huge mistake and that it is still in the process of being corrected. Although that has made it more difficult I will overcome that and my goal by the end of this class is to have an A+ on at least one paper.
The song “For You” written by Keith Urban and Monty Powell which was produced by Keith Urban and Dann Huff is such a powerful song. When you take a moment to really listen to what the words are saying, they really make you think about what you would do in that situation. The song was written for the movie, Act of Valor which is a movie about soldiers and the sacrifices they continually make day after day when they are in the war zone.
In my experience the sacrifices the men and women of the armed forces make are truly some of the hardest because they have to be away from family and friends for so long and worry about what will happen to them that day or if that day will be their last. The song “For You” by Keith Urban and Monty Powell, is about a group of soldiers that are on deployment when one gets wounded along the line. The wounded soldier goes on to question if he made a mistake about joining the military. He has a wife at home and an unborn child, did he make a mistake, by joining the military, would he be leaving his child without a dad and his wife without a husband? In the next line, “the answer rang out clear from somewhere up above, No greater gift has man than to lay down his life for love” (Urban 2012) Urban references Christ dying for our sins even though He didn’t have to. He didn’t even know us, yet He loved us enough to go through so much pain, He laid His life down for love. The song goes on saying, “maybe you don’t understand, I don’t understand it all myself, but there’s a brother on my left and another on my right” (Urban 2012) referencing the bond that military men and women share. It is so hard to explain but that is your family, you are only as strong as your weakest link. If your brother/sister, standing next to you can’t carry his/her own pack, you step up and carry it for him/her. A non-military person may never understand the true bond that veterans share from basic training until the day they die. That is a bond that can never be broken. The last part of the song which is the most powerful, the most inspiring,