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Ryan Burford
Integrative essay #3

When Obama released his birth certificate on April 28, Survey USA showed that 28% of respondents said they “still have doubts where the president was born”1, or that the document was forged. People think just cause he's black that he must have his birth certificate at that exact moment. They didn't believe that he was an American born citizen so they wanted pure proof saying he was. But they didn't get it fast enough so people started doubting that he is a citizen. If there was a white president in the president seat no one would care about where he's from or his birth certificate. It's complete bullshit that people jump to conclusions just because the person is not white. If a guy is white and goes into a convenient store the clerk doesn't watch him. But lets say if a African American or a Hispanic guy or girl goes in to a convenient store, they are watched strictly by the cameras and clerks. They keep their eye on them and make sure they don't steal stuff. It's that kind of crap that tears people and cultures apart. A white criminal that tries to get a job after he gets out of jail would win the job competition against a black man that has a clean record. People think that all other races are bad. Not all people of different races are bad there are some that are good. There was these two court cases that are similar to racism. Both burglary cases and both cases were judged by the same judge. One guy broke into a white girl's house and the girl stabbed him. They both went to court and she was let go because she was protecting herself. Well the other case was a guy broke into a black girl's house and she had a gun and pointed up in the air at the ceiling and shot once. That black girl was sentenced to 20 years in prison for attempting murder on the guy that was the burglar. That judge is not right by doing that just because they are different races. Kids are racist these days by acting the way they were raised. It came from their parents and there unpleasant moments in life. There parents were raised up when there were segregated schools. They were taught by there parents not to talk to black people because they were bad. Not until segregated schools ended that racism started to come down a bit in the U.S. But it still existed and its still a problem to this day. I can see why white people are racist these days. They are losing their jobs to illegals coming in from either Mexico or other countries. These Hispanics were brought to America to work hard labor but for cheaper prices. As long as they are working they are satisfied. But the whites are not satisfied and are revolting against that. Arizona state made a law stating “all Illegals under the age of 14 who remain in the U.S. for longer than 30 days must register with the U.S. government”2. They have to have a registration document, I.D., and there green card on them at all times. The white population made a statement on racism by making this law be passed. Why does just the Hispanics or Blacks or races from other countries have to have these documents. The whites are just singling out the other cultures by making this law. Basically this is racism, by singling out the other races and not allowing them to do much without strict