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Simmons, Arnold April7, 2013
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Essay #3 A Day To Remember I have a lot of different days that I can talk about, but I choose this Saturday that just passed because I feel it is worth talking about . First of all it is the first Saturday since I got my own car and I was told about a hotel party that started at 8:30. The first thing I thought about was the right headlight because it needs to be fixed and I did not even want to risk the police pulling me over because of it. I really did not want to go but it was nothing else to do so I was with it.

Before we headed to the party we went to the go get some bottles thinking the party was going to be filled with females. I just wanted to get there before it got too dark outside and
I had to make sure that we could stay the night. While I was driving on the highway I saw that the police had somebody pulled over, so I adjusted my speed so that they could not see me behind the car in the next lane. It was basically night time bout time we got to the hotel, but we got there an hour early so we sat in the car. We were the first boys there and it was only four females at the time.

The girl who’s party it was said her friends were coming, when she said that I automatically thought more females were coming. Before anybody else came everybody in there was already turned up off of our stuff nobody else brought anything. Only two more females came then everything went downhill as far as males to females, at least twenty dudes walked in and they all knew each other. I was real mad because that was the moment when I realized that the party was dead.

My Saturday could not have been a bad day just because I woke up with some car keys in my possession. That morning I went to the grocery store with my grandmother because I like to lend a helping hand. We got some breakfast from this food place that she goes to I was starving so