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U.S History #3 At the coming end of the Second World War, there was a lot of mistrust between the United States and the Soviet Union. Throughout most of WWII, the U.S. and the Soviet Union had made an alliance. The foundation of this alliance was based on a common goal of each country. However, once the war was over and the German nation was contained, many new conflicts between the two main countries of the war came between them. The one common thing that had once held the two countries together was gone, and they suddenly started to grow apart due to different political views. Even though both of the countries had a strong military and economic ideas they never directly fought each other. England was struggling, France was destroyed, and many small courtiers had an economic failure, that’s how bad the war affected all other countries. Russia lost so many life from the vain siege of the Nazi's. Both nations knew that in case of the failure or if something goes wrong the actual war would start, the nuclear war and it would not end well for the whole world. Foreign Policy mainly focused on the policy of containment, the idea of keeping Communism where it was, which is Russia. America did not want communism to spread and make the whole world to be communist. America would just donate money to other countries so they don’t become communist, because they just did nit have any money, and being equal seem like the only