ESSAY 3 Processed Food Vs. Health

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Usman sheikh
Essay # 3
March 12, 2015 Processed Food Vs. Health The food being significantly different from its original state is called Processed food that usually prepared through physical or chemical treatments. Generally processed foods are the leading cause of obesity and diabetes. Having excess of body fat is called Obesity; which has a big negative effect on a person’s health and body. Clueless desease like diabetes is a condition when the amount of glucose in the blood is too high, because of the insulin being produced inside the body is not enough to maintain sugar level. In my opinion processed foods are containing ingredients ruining people’s health and body, leading them to Ceaseless diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart problems, increase cholesterol, and many more including cancer. Although, processed foods include synthetic additives and other preparations, but I think that they are not as healthy as getting organically processed fresh foods and nutrients by controlling your diet closely. Some people may think that some forms of processing like the pasteurization is necessary to prevent illness. They can say that food must be processed and fortified to improve the taste. They can argue that processed foods are very important as a back up, especially in environments like famine and disasters. They are very affordable and the preparation is very quick, those qualities make them highly practical for those who are in a hurry. Frozen vegetables last indefinitely forever and are highly practical. Also they don't lose any of their minerals and vitamins. “When processed food comes to mind, many people think they are safe because of the fact that they do not consume take outs or eat at restaurants. The truth is that any food or food product found on grocery store shelves in bags or boxes is in fact processed, as it is not in its natural form. Many of the ingredients in processed foods such as artificial colors, preservatives and nitrites have been linked to the skyrocketing amount of obesity and cancer among the population today.” (Natural News).

Processed food is mixture of natural or artificial ingredients with the addition of chemicals; chemicals that are known to have harmful effects and consequences on our health. They are mostly made with additives, fake flavorings and other chemical elements in enormous amounts. The main ingredients these foods enclose are high fructose, sodium, corn syrup, sugars, high fats, and salts, abdicating the nutrition value. Processed food is altered from their natural state, because processed food is highly pressured in a short amount of time by using chemicals and machinery as gas and engine.

The argument of some people that processed food is made to be cheaper, faster, and with delicious taste, is obviously true. With all the chemicals, additives and the banishing of the nutrition value the food is known to be as how it is made, with no value. With low nutritional value processed foods are being sold in low prices, which is making these foods affordable for the people. These foods being made with preservatives making it last longer also, make it convenient to people when it comes to cooking. Having much variety and being sold at an affordable price, people are consuming these products in large amounts. But, People consuming these products on a daily basis are in risk of obesity and diabetes mainly, and they don’t know.

False labeling is another issue. Most of the time consumers being mislead with false information convinces the consumers that there are only “fresh farm” foods in that store, section or in a restaurant. The label on the food declares the misinterpretation, and makes it a huge commotion to buy that specific food according to the labels and could mean the labels are just lying. That is totally unethical. Most of the foods on the shelves in super markets are all under false labeling which catches the eye of the consumer to want or need to