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Be Creative and Responsible
In the article “We Should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to Think,” author Kie Ho argues that American education is not perfect, but it is a good education system because is given freedom to think, speak, write, and the opportunity to be creative. Additionally, Ho states that in many countries students are deprived of that freedom, and American people don’t appreciate that freedom. Ho’s thoughts on creativity are acceptable, but public schools should offered opportunities for students to be creative and responsible at the same time.
Public schools should offer opportunities for creative projects that permit children learn and create at the same time. People who live in the United States complain about education system; saying that children are not learning and the standards of education are lower now that in past times. There have been changes in education compared the system now as with the time when past generation went to school. Students had to memorize everything. It was too much information and students didn’t learn much. They just memorized rivers, countries, poems for the moment, not for the rest of their lives. Now, children at early age can analyze and solve problems because teachers are providing materials to encourage students’ experimentation and production. Children have freedom to explore what they want. These changes have been made to improve the academic performance of students.
In addition, public school must teach children to be responsible. In this time education has forgotten to inculcate students be responsible. Teachers have become very flexible, but this flexibility makes students lazy and irresponsible. Students believe that they can do homework or any assignment when they have the disposition for do it. They don’t respect the time for assignments, and this is the result to teachers be so flexible and considerate for not cause traumas or lower auto steam in students. This situation in past times was not permitted. The students were growing with respect and responsibility for their teachers, and they were not allowed to question teachers’ demands. We should rescued this values and put in practice again. Some educators just focus their system in incentive children to be creative. They had forgotten that the key for have a successful students is demanding from them responsibility in school. But parents also play an important role, they should check if their child done homework.”Parents’ expectations are so important because if they place value on education then the kids will” Who is to blame? Students, teachers and parents on