Personal Narrative: From Philadelphia To Plymouth Meeting

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From Philadelphia To Plymouth Meeting

Driving up this long drive way next to pretty green grass there a man stands.
“Wait right here i will be right back” said my mom. There she goes walking up the long drive to approach the man with a hand shake and a envelope. Thoughts ran through my mind not knowing what’s going on. 10 minutes later she hopes back in the car and says “Alright things are all squared away now”.Have you been ever taken out your comfort zone ? Well i was. Knowing i was going to be around new people and in a whole new environment was not good for me. Are moving date was approaching very quickly. From the time my mom told me and my brothers that we were moving ,to the date we moved in was very little time. Not enough time.

“ Mom do we really have to”

“Do we really have to what ?”

“Move? i love it where i grew up.”

“I understand that but times are very different from when you where a little bit younger . and that area i just feel its not an safe environment anymore and plus i want the best for my kids.”

“Ok mom.”

“Where we be living now is a good and safe place for you guys and the schools are much much better . Its 7:00 on a monday morning coming from a long and busy weekend i just had. Moving into my new house and in a new environment turned out to be completely different. My mom yelling “ are you ready for your new first day in your new school.” Palms got sweaty heart began to race, i thought to myself I'm not ready to meet new friends i’m not ready for this new change I'm just not ready.”Time to go or you will be late, you cant be late on your first day and to your new school.” Driving down the road we read welcome to Colonial Elementary School. My heart dropped. During my long day at my new school it turned out to be not so bad. Nice and welcoming teachers and kids.They were very interacting with me and making sure i was comfortable while being there. Talking with some of the kids and teachers i started to open up a little bit more with everyone and i also got a lot get more comfortable. Its 2:20 schools out and its time for everyone to go home. Everyone begin to say their goodbyes and see you laters to one another. I couldn't wait to get to my mother to tell her the day i had there at my new school. i see my moms car i begin waving her down until she saw me. Jumping into the car with so much enthusiasm. “You seem like you had a good day.” “Yes i did mommy i really like it here, everyone is just so nice and friendly and welcoming too.”