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When I was little, moving to Las Vegas from New Jersey was a big change. Many of these changes include, leaving family, making new friends, and getting used to the scorching heat that lay across my small body. Comparing to the house in New Jersey, there was nothing very special and significant within the neighborhoods of Las Vegas. Each house next door had almost the same structure, color, and size. It was bland and nothing stood out to me. Since then I never came back and visited the east coast, but my senses made me remember my old home and its beautiful surroundings. Living inside my former home in New Jersey was heartwarming. Early morning the pots and pans are banging downstairs in the kitchen while the sizzling of the bacon and eggs dropping on the metal frying stove. I miss my grandma’s breakfast before I went to school. The pantry consists of so many bright colors of fresh vegetables and fruits like they were freshly pulled out from the farmer’s field and displayed like a national museum. It also consists of everlasting snacks and towering food cans that almost touch the ceiling. It was a house of ten stomachs, so the food was inevitable. My living room had comfortable black leather couches that surrounds the thick-screen T.V. where the constant and annoying Filipino language coming out speakers. The adult family members always discuss and watch the news about the Philippines. The windows and screen doors give a glimmering shine of the sun touching and gazing on the hard wood floor making me walk around the house so uplifting with light. Whatever light does not touch is the basement. I used to be afraid of the dark and walking towards the door of the basement startles me. The stairs slowly disappear into the pitch-black abyss, but after walking down and flipping the light switch the basement turns into a child’s dream. The basement floor had a soft grey carpet that mimicked a cloud; I can easily fall into a deep nap. Toys that piled up in one corner and video games that encircled the T.V. was an endless fun. Everything inside this house is as remarkable as the outside. The environment outside my former home in New Jersey is something I cannot forget. The weather was interchangeable depending on the seasons. The rain and snow kept me from going outside, but on sunny days everything became beautiful. The center of the front yard had a tree planted and shaded over all that is green. The clean cut grass takes over the lawn with the little brick roads that attach from the front