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Books and choice
Life, as everyone knows, is uncertain. No one knows where the path of life will lead us to. One moment we are somewhere, and we don’t know where we will end up the next moment. Different factors affect our lives. Family, friends, surroundings, schools, books, teachers, privacy, concern, choice and many more play a significant role to make people who they are today. As for me, books and choice have played significant roles in changing my life. This paper will explore how my life has been moving forward by the books I read and the choices I make. Books and choice share a co-relationship in my life. Books give me the strength to make certain choices in my life and face the resultant of the choices confidently.
I consider myself a quite imaginative person. I really like reading books especially novels, story books and poetry collections. Books have played a significant role in making decisions in my life. When I read fairy tales during my childhood, I always kept myself in that situation (of the characters) and hoped that the same things would happen in my life as well and at the end, everything would be alright. As I grew up, I started reading novels. I like reading all types of novels. But I mostly read those that are related to life and help to build good relationships with people in the surroundings. Among the novels that I have read, the one that really touched me deep inside was Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Bronte. This is the book, I have to say, that gave me the strength to believe in myself. It taught me that life is full of ups and downs. In my view, Jane Eyre is a lesson to everyone. It has sorrows and joys, grief and pain. During her growth from childhood to adulthood, the main character, Jane, goes through many difficulties regarding even some basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Raised with no parental love and care, Jane faces physical and emotional sufferings throughout her life. But above all, in this first-person narrative novel, Jane faces all the difficulties in her life with bravery and doesn’t give up no matter how hard situation life puts her into. This led her to the life full of happiness and she ended up meeting with the love of her life.
I can relate this novel to the life I am living now as it gave me the strength to make the hardest (till now) decision in my life. In my context, I have considered my success, achieving my aim to be an environmental engineer and a good human being as the endpoint. As the saying goes, “Knowledge never ends”, people can never gain knowledge of everything in their life. So, if not everything, I want to at least learn about the environment we live in and the relationship we living beings share with the environment. It was not that I was not confused in choosing my major subject. I was in a dilemma between other subjects, computer science, engineering and medicine to name a few and environmental science to name a few. My family and friends suggested me to study computer science or other technological subjects as they have a great scope and could make my future better. But I followed the subject in which I was interested. Therefore, I ended up making the choice of taking environmental science as my major. By making this choice, I hope that one day I will live my dream of becoming a successful environmental engineer. In this way, I could contribute something to remove the worldwide environmental problems such as the greenhouse effect, global warming and ozone layer depletion. Furthermore, I would get