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How does social media impact the lives of people today?

Over the years social media has had an intense impact on society as a whole. Although with time of all the generations, we have come to embrace the changes of social networks with growth and popularity. We are all surrounded by media each and every day people interact with media in many forms. The media generally is defined as being the channel of all communication; Social media has consumed our society with 47% of teenagers and young adults with networking sites such as Face book, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Skype as from January.2014 up from 26% in 2008 (quoted from According to research studies in the online fields social networking has had been revealed that there are many major aspects of social media. Social media is changing the way we interact with friends and family, the way we share and communicate, and promoting business that have facilitated creation and exchange of ideas so quickly and widely than the conventional media.

Social networking is a tool used by people all around the world. It’s our purpose to promote and aid communication. However, this type of technology might be doing more harm than good. It is not only changing how we communicate, but how we interact with each other in our daily lives. With the rise of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Skype social networking may be on the verge of replacing traditional personal interactions for the next generation. Many traditional interactions will continue, but will also be at risk if we don’t realize the side effects of our social media. Social networking affects our lives in many ways, including our communication, self- expression, bullying, isolations, friendships, and even our very own sense of humanity. We as a society need to help protect our young generation to be become a strong well-being healthy human. Social networks, such as Skype were created for the sole purpose of helping individuals communicate. There are many other reasons why these technologies are used, but communication is still the number one key. Many people use these networks to talk to their friends in other cities, states, or even other countries. There are many situations that do not allow the use of telephones; this is why social networking is preferable by many. These networks not only allow communication between friends, but allow you to meet new people around the world. Similarities and common friends can create new bonds and expand one’s social circle in many ways. If you ask around how people think social networking affects them, many will say that they, “Have an expanded circle of social connections, and stay in touch more” (PC Magazine online).These networks are becoming the modern way to make friends. These new friends communicate through these networks. However, standard communication is not the only way social technology is used. With so many teens using social networking, it has become easier to target one another. For example Cyber bullying, which is a form of bullying that is only done through the web and other technologies, even though these kinds of social media attacks are harmful, there many types of bullying that are wrong, though cyber bullying might be the worst yet. The victims are vulnerable online and the insults made towards them deadlier because “computers mask faces and the majority of insults, threats, and taunting go on without repercussion. There often is no make-up or apologies, because no one witnesses the harmful effect the words may carry” (USA Today). Social sites should be used to communicate with each other but not to torment each other in the comfort of one’s own home.

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