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Breanna Mahrt
English 1101
Legalization of Gay Marriage
The United States of America is the land of the free. It is a country full of different types of people, each with their own characteristics, ideas, and dreams. As American’s, we take pride in our freedom and rights. However, currently in America people are denying rights to many citizens. Homosexuals, just like heterosexuals, want love, acceptance, commitment, and marriage. Gay marriage has been a controversial issue due to strong opinions that same sex marriage is going against traditional views. Legalizing gay marriage should not be based upon tradition, reproduction or adoption, but solely based on equality.
For many, a traditional marriage is considered to be one man and one woman, a unity involving a family that is child-rearing. However, this is historically inaccurate. The modern and ancient times show examples of polygamy, prostitution, and communal child-rearing. Following these concepts would in fact make heterosexual monogamy marriage unusual. A traditional family should not be based on what everyone expects. A traditional family should include two people who are truly in love, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual. Divorce is a word that is being used more commonly than before and divorce rates are rising. Personally, I feel that if same sex marriage was allowed then divorce rates would slowly start to decrease. Marriage is not about the unity of one man and one woman but a bond of two people who are truly head over heels for one another and are willing to do whatever it takes to make the other one happy. People are so caught up in tradition that they forget what life is really all about. Determining who you marry should not be about what other people’s ideas are for you or what society expects. Another factor with legalizing gay marriage is reproduction and adoption. If terming a traditional marriage between one man and one woman who have at least one child then couples who are infertile would not be allowed to marry either. Saying someone is not allowed to marry another person just because they cannot reproduce is inhumane. Couples who are incapable of having a child due to infertility did not decide they wanted to be infertile. Reproduction should not be a determining factor in a traditional marriage because about half of the couples who are already married would in fact be untraditional. Adoption is another critical issue with gay couples. Legalizing gay marriage would impact the adoption world tremendously making it much easier for same sex couples to adopt instead of leaving thousands of children in foster care. Statistics actually show that children who were raised by two mothers were in fact rated higher than those of heterosexual couples. Just because a couple is of the same sex does not give anyone the right to determine their ability to become an excellent parent from this small minded judgment. Equality is an enormous issue among American’s. Gays and lesbians