Ed Wood Analysis

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Adolph Wilson
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English 2341 Literature
Parallel Themes
Both director Ed Wood and Cameron Kincaid in two films do not know how to start off. In the film Ed Wood, the director Tim Burton. Is a director is trying to start to film a movie but the writer Criswell telling Ed why should I pick you. I want an experienced director do not an inexperienced director Ed told him that I could do better than the other one you choose. The writer should give him advisor to start small like do a cosmutes, cartoon movies and build your self from there. Mr .Weiss just laugh at Ed when he told him that he is better than the other director for this film or maybe the directors is don’t instructor in the film because it is a sex movie he is the only director would shot that kind of my film because he needs the job.

The two production in both of those film don’t know how to start they think do it all but it is not easy to do because, you need a crew you need a person to do the script and storyboard, second cable man to hold the camera to shoot the actors why filming. Third, lighter person so you can make your shot brighter but do not on film. Fourth, costume designer to do the costume for the movie and television, Fifth found a actor and character to play the role of the people you have in your script.somebody to do sound so it can be loud enjoy on camera and on the screen.

The different thing about both film (separate paragraph) In the Man in the Chair, is about teenager Cameron who is getting border by three boys that have been movies. Brett told Cameron that you need money to film a movie which he don’t have, but Cameron told Brett it’s a Los Angeles Film School Holiday Short Film Contest, and a junior don’t won one or two. Cameron has an idea when he left Beverly Cinema Theater to talk to Flash to have him. Help him with his film project to get in Los Angeles Film School Holiday Short film, since he knows about movies and performer in it he can give Cameron have a great idea to make the film movie and guide him though what he need to know, and do the right way. Its don’t going to be easy it going to take long night to film a ten minutes.

Cameron ask Flash do you want to make a movie he ask Cameron who is the director he told him that am the director. Flash looks up at him, as it is a joke, he told him to get lost kid. Cameron rides up with his bike where Flash is sitting along reading a book watching the freeway traffic. He sees someone out of the corner of his eyes coming toward him it was Cameron. Cameron came up to him and offer flash fresh cigar he ask Cameron is it Cuban to see if that the kind of brand he smoke he told flash I don’t know is another thing Cameron needs to know what kind he smoke. You just cannot offer any kind of cigar flash ask is it Cuban or Cohroa. The teenage told flash give me at shoot. Flash sitting in his chair, watching a group of his peers playing lawn croquet. He sees Cameron peeking outside the gate when flash told the boy to come over to his chair. The boy never going to give up, that is what likes about this scene when you want something that person knows you want it bad. So flash noticed it that this boy would never give up, flash told Cameron you’ll keep bringing me cigars and a bottle of Wild Turkey thought every week, then I would help you with your movie Cameron agree with flash. Cameron told flash of his film idea he have skateboard film then one is a guy who, makes a motorcycle from vacuum cleaner parts who meets a girl.

In the Ed Wood movie two secretaries woman is laughing in June Clever hairdos. Christine Jorgensen is making a biopic; Ed Wood is talking to Mr.Wiess I heard you have a new project and wonder you have sign a director. Ed is asking to meeting with Mr.Wiess to discuss why he is quality to director this than anyone else in town. Dolores ask Ed why you are experience to director for the Christine Jorgensen Story, “I charged my Sex told.” George ask him