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Assignment #52

The worst thing in life is not making mistakes, but from choosing to not learn from them. The ability to overlook your past mistakes will determine and help you succeed in the future. Therefore we can focus on the present and enjoy life by not letting those mistakes happen again. Anthony Robbins has some important ideas regarding everyone making mistakes and instead of regretting about them, he lays them down and chooses to use it as a guide of life. Robbins implies that even though many people make mistakes, it’s a learning experience which helps us in the future; that is if and only people realize there was a lesson to be learned in the first place.

The author begins by describing how life is full of mistakes which could be taken in as a learning lesson. If not, what’s the point of calling it a mistake? Might as well call it a choice, since clearly the good, or in this case, bad choice, had no effect. When there are regrets in life, they create a bumpy road. Instead of avoiding the “frustrations”, people should step up and dominate their challenges. The past, as Robbins notes, is valuable; but its value is determined by its application to future events.

In the second half of the quote, Anthony Robbins talks about how the effects of learning from your mistakes work. In other words, learning to lay down mistakes and learning from them, people will be able to better themselves and enjoy life. Robbins states, “laying down the foundation for the understandings”, meaning to look over them and see what steps helped you and which that destroyed you helps not only good people, but also bad. Understanding what people do wrong, including themselves and the people around them, show that they will enjoy what will be prepared for anything and everything that comes ahead. The past, as Robbins notes yet again, is nothing to those who take their mistakes and learn from them; which “create the new level of living he now enjoys”.

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