Essay About Bullying

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“The Truth about bullying” Facebook and MySpace are a new way to communicate with people faster. The good thing about these websites is talking to your friends and family you have not seen in days or even years. These websites give you a new outlook on life. However, there are bad things that can happen on these websites, like cyber bulling. Cyber bulling and being harassed is one of many reasons why kids are committing suicide in today’s world. Kids in today’s world are very cruel to each other. Before these websites were up, if someone had a problem in school, the next day they would have forgotten all about the fight. Since Facebook and MySpace have been around there have been more problems than ever before. If you have a problem with someone, that person will not leave it alone. Most of the time they will look you up and harass you or they can post means things so the whole world can know what is going on. Posting, faking who you are, and making fun of someone can be a big problem to some teenagers, some teenagers like Megan Meier and Tyler Clementi; the only problem is these kids did not have to go so far by killing themselves. Megan and Tyler could have gotten help. In Tyler’s situation, he could have gone to the school board and asked if they could help him out with the bullying. In Megan’s situation, she could have talked to her parents about her dating problems she had with “Josh.” Megan and Tyler went through so much and the people that caused them their lives should have been put away for life, not let go with no charge. Laws should be changed and should become harsher with “cyber bullying.” Tyler Clementi started his first college semester in the fall. He wanted to be like every other college student. However, he had a big secret, which eventually ended his life due to bulling. Tyler Clementi was an eighteen-year-old and a student at Rutgers University in Piscataway. Tyler was trying to live a normal life. Tyler Clementi’s roommate Dharun Ravi found out that Tyler was gay. Dharun did not like the fact he was gay. Dharun and some friends decided to hide a camera in the room; next thing that happened it was all over the Internet. When people saw, the video people were calling Tyler a “homo freak”, “fagg”, and “gay.” He was being harassed badly. However even before this, happened Tyler was on the edge already. A week before he went away to college he told his parents his secret. Tyler’s dad supported him, but his mother rejected him on all terms. On September 22, 2010, Tyler had enough and committed suicides by jumping off the Gorge Washington Bridge. Tyler just thought there was no need to live. Nevertheless, Tyler did have a choice and his choice was to take his own life. “The saddest thing is there was help for Tyler, but he probably didn’t know where to go, said Aaron Schenkel” (Peets 3). Even if Tyler did not know where to go, he could have dropped out of that school and moved back home. However, the school should have done more than what they did. The school knew this bullying was going on. The school should have kicked this student’s out of the university. Tyler’s parents could have supported him more. Tyler’s parents should have really been their for him when he needed it. When students go to school even college they should be taught that bullying is not right no matter how old you are. Schools and colleges should have teacher talk to students about the danger you can put yourself into if you are the bully. The schools should tell these bullies what kind of trouble they could get themselves into if they are caught. This bullies should be taught that hurting there victims will hurt them for the rest of their lives. These schools should have meetings once a month and discuss what they can do to prevent anyone killing them. Other things these schools can do is put cameras around the campuses and watch how people act in-between classes, and then they will see who are the bullies and the