Essay About Going Into Nursing School

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The important academic decision that will occur in the future for me will have to be going into nursing school.
1. I started of here at NC as a medical assistant because when I was in high school I took college credit classes and I went for my CNA certification. I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to go straight into the nursing field because I did not want to overwhelm myself. So, I started of here at NC as a medical assistant to receive my associates. Know that I see that I do enjoy being in the health care profession I want to further my education by going to a four-year college to receive my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).
2. My possible choices of becoming a nurse are being able to have the interest in working in the field and helping other, choosing the right school, being accepted to the school, being dedicated because it is not easy but I can do so, finding the right path to start in.
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The pros in making the decision of becoming a nurse are being able to enjoy working with people and like helping others, making a difference, knowing that most days you can save someone’s live, knowing that the work can be diverse and interesting because there are so many different areas you can work in, you may have a chance to take care of all types of people and treat various conditions, the days are all going to be different and never the same is exciting, flexibility in the job, team work to help save someone’s live. The cons of becoming a nurse can be exposed to all types of germs viruses and other pathogens, maybe you think you are ready but once you hit the real-world job you can’t take the traumatic situations you can be in there will be times in your nursing career where you witness sad or tragic situations. Patients do not all make it, and watching someone die can be tough., disrespectful patients, not everyone appreciating your work, nurses work a lot of days and hours during the week, and work on