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Music Education: The Benefits of More Music Classes

According to studies done by music educators everywhere, the study of music is able to increase performance on state testing. These statistics help to support the stance that Johnstown-Monroe High School should offer more music classes for their students to take. At Johnstown-Monroe High School there are only band and choir classes that are available to the students. The music program, however, is extraordinary for the size of the school. Although there are only about 500 students attending the school, a majority of the students are involved in the music program. Not only does the music program have an impact on the student body, it also has a positive effect on the community. The Big Red Band -the marching band at Johnstown- is loved by everyone in the community. The choir program is also loved among the community, putting on ravishing musicals and concerts,
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Their argument is that music classes and extracurricular activities like that distract students from their academics. One person even argued, "No, music and art education should not be provided at schools. Music and art can sometimes get in the way of student's educations. When the chorus club is singing at the local mall, but the student has a 5 page essay due the next day! Students should focus on their classes that they are required to take and pass. I don't think schools should provide music and art education," (Debate, para. 1). This person went as far as saying that they do not think schools should offer music classes at all because they take children away from their school work. However, this is not true because, as stated earlier, the study of music is very beneficial to their academic career. The Journal of Research in Music Education gives example after example of studies conducted that all conclude the study of music improves test