Essay About The Difference Between High School And College

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Being a high school senior can be very stressful, your at that stage where you just want to be through with school and have fun, nut at the same time your family could be pressuring you into going to college. The one questions that we have constantly been asked throughtout our school career is, "what do you want to be when you grow up?", for some of us the answer changes every time. Most of the jobs we wanted as kids requires a college education, which brings me to what we have been told by many adults. We have been told that there are huge differneces between high school and college, the most important part of college is attendace and studying. There are some truths to this adivce but not a hundred percent. We have been told that there's a difference between high school and …show more content…
The first difference between high school and college is successeding successfully in academics, this difference depends on a majority of the others. While in high school we sort of worked slower so everyone would be in the same place, but with college it is the complete opposite we work much faster, with so many classes that have multiple assignments due at the same time we would be expected to work faster. Another difference between the two involve the teachers from high school and college progessors. In high school our teachers would go through the assignments and when they were due, but in college we are expected to be prepared for class by readin the sylabus and knowing when which assignment is due. In high school you could wait last minute to work on assignments, in college waiting last minute could lead to you getting a bad grade. I personally believe the most important difference between high school and college would be that in college we have moer independance and have to take responsibility for our own actions.