Essay About The World On The Turtle's Back

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In my English class, we are reading and learning about different cultural creations. A myth is a traditional story that has a great meaning behind it like the story “The World on the Turtle’s Back”. Every culture has different ways of writing stories and all myths should have a creative meaning to it. “The World on the Turtle’s Back” is an exaggerated, creative, and great story to be told.
“The World’s on a Turtle’s Back” is about a married couple who lives in the sky world and is expecting a child. One day the wife demanded bark from the roots of the Great Tree and she was determined. She started digging a hole, but sky world floor wasn’t thick and she accidentally broke a hole and found an empty space under their world. She got curious and accidentally fell through the hole. She made animal friends and they helped plants the roots she had. Later, she had her daughter and not to long after that the twins came about, but killed the mother by being born. The left handed twin killed her by being stubborn and coming out her armpit instead of being born the natural way like the right handed twin did. The left
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In the two stories, all the characters live in the sky, which is their home. In “The World on the Turtle’s Back” the wife was very bossy and powerful just like Olorun in “The Golden Chain.” In “The Golden Chain,” Obatala was determined to go down to Earth and investigate something new, but he failed and Olorun sent a Chameleon to clean up Obatala’s disaster. The same thing happened in the story “The World’s on the Turtle’s Back” because the man's wife was determined to get roots and grow a beautiful tree so she starting digging, fell through the hole, was saved by animals and still planted seeds for her tree. Her plan failed, she had twins and died, so then someone had to come and help clean up her mess. These two myths also have a lot differences between