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Diana Gonzalez
Diana’s life story
This essay is going to be about Diana’s life. This will be accomplished by explaining her past, present and future. Her past consist of three main points, getting diagnosed with diamond black-fan anima and graduating from middle school. Her present consist of three main points, being a freshmen at Belmont high school, her friends and learning Korean. Last but not least her future will also consist on three main points , her going to a university or college, her dream job, which is to become a pediatrician or an E.R doctor, lastly is to travel to Korean and Japan as a tourist. After reading this essay you have learned a little bit of who Diana is.
Diana was born march 24, 1999 in Mexico. At the age of one she was diagnosed with a disease called diamond black-fan anima. Diamond black-fan anima is a disease in where the person who has the disease cannot produce red blood cells. In her child hood she had lots of hard ship. Her dad had to give her blood because she couldn’t reproduce red blood cell. That was the main reason of why Diana came to the United States of America. She came to see if there was a cure for her disease. There is no cure but there is treatment. Now she is normal and healthy child she goes to the doctors every six months for a regular check up. She has to drink a medicine called prednisone to help her make red blood cells. She graduated from Los Angeles Academe Middle School with a grade point average of 3.0-4.0.she studied there all three years and made so good friends along with awesome memories. She now attends to Belmont High School, home of the sentinels. At Belmont she met two awesome people named ilse, lendy and tecola. She met ilse in biology class when they both had to translate for a Spanish speaking student. Since then Diana and ilse have been pretty close friends. She is now learning Korean because ilse influenced her. She always wanted to learn a new language but she didn’t have the guts to learn it by herself. So when she meet ilse she said let’s give it a try. Since then she has been learning Korean. She met lendy in a program over the summer called summer bridge where she was