Essay and International Business Strategy

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The Business School
University of Huddersfield


International Business Strategy

Module Handbook

Tutor: Dr Eleanor Davies
Table of Contents

1 Module information 3
2 Delivery Information 4
3 Assessment Information 7
4 Reading list 8
5 Appendix 1: Assessment details 2012/13 10

1 Module information

Module code : BMS0021

Module Title: International Business Strategy

Credit Value: 15 M level credits

Module Leader: Dr Eleanor MM Davies

Location: Business School, BS2/47

Office hours: Please see door for details. Email for an appointment (

Module Objectives
The aim of the module is to critically evaluate the strategies of firms operating in an international context. This will identify different strategic options, implications for organisational structure, control and knowledge transfer. The module will also evaluate different modes of entry into international markets.

Module Synopsis

Outline Syllabus

1. Theoretical perspectives of the internationalisation of the firm
2. Strategies of international organisations
3. Structure of international organisations
4. Control (headquarter-subsidiary relations)
5. Knowledge transfer
6. Modes of entry

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding

On completion of this module the student will:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical background to the internationalisation of the firm. 2. Demonstrate an understanding of the strategies available to international firms and their implications for structure, control and knowledge transfer. 3. Demonstrate an understanding of market entry strategies for firms operating in international markets.

2 Delivery Information

This module is delivered in Term 2 (January to May).

Teaching Programme
Below is an indicative teaching programme. The sessions themselves may vary depending on the level of interaction that takes place in the classroom and the speed of delivery.

| | |Topic |Focus |
|1 |17-Jan-13 |Introduction | |
|2 |24-Jan-13 |Theories of IB 1 |Theory |
|3 |31-Jan-13 |Academic skills | |
|4 |07-Feb-13 |Student led-workshop Strategies of IB |Skills development |
|5 |14-Feb-13 |Case study: Value chains |Application of theory |
|6 |21-Feb-13 |Learning Development Group |Academic support |
|7 |28-Feb-13 |Assignment Peer review |Academic support |
|8 |07-Mar-13 |Traditional Structures |Theory |
|9 |14-Mar-13 |Contemporary structures |Theory |
|10 |21-Mar-13 |Collaborative approaches |Theory |
| | |Assessment hand-in | |
|11 |18-Apr-13