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AP Compare and Contrast Essay checklist

Does your thesis address all parts of the question?
• The thesis cannot be split and must be located in either the introductory paragraph or the conclusion.
• It cannot simply repeat the question.
• The thesis must address the issues or themes specified.
• The thesis must address BOTH a similarity and a difference.
• The thesis statement cannot be counted for credit in any other category.

Did you use enough facts to support your thesis?
• You should use about 10 or more facts if you can.

Did you make a solid comparison between the societies?
• This basic core point should be easy to earn. In writing a comparative essay, you should be making plenty of direct comparisons. Essays that make at least one relevant and substantial direct comparison between the two societies earn this basic core point. To earn the point, the comparison cannot be found in the thesis.

• Many students however write essays in which the comparisons are indirect. Their essays start with an introductory thesis paragraph, are followed by paragraphs about the first region, and are followed by entirely separate paragraphs about the second region. Perhaps these essays have plenty of facts and even address most parts of the question, but they never get around to making a substantial direct comparison.

The way to avoid that kind of organizational problem is to weave comparisons within each paragraph. When both areas are addressed simultaneously, the essay is more likely to make direct comparisons—similarities and differences.

Did you analyze the reasons for the similarities and differences?
• Analysis is crucial for building a sophisticated COMP essay. One basic core