Essay Comparing Animal Farm And Russian Revolution

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The book Animal Farm by George Orwell, is a dystopian story of animals that take over a farm in England. There are many parallels between the events and characters in Animal Farm and those of the Russian Revolution. As in the Russian Revolution the animals in Animal Farm strive to create a better life for themselves by taking over the farm. But in the end their lives are no different than before except they have different leaders. In addition, their new leaders became the same way as their old leaders. The Russian Revolution was a series of events that eventually led to the formation of the Communist government of the USSR. It began with the overthrow of the monarchy of the last Russian Czar, Nicholas II. After the monarchy was overthrown, a Provisional government was established with the intent to change the social, economic, and political system to one based on the philosophy of communist socialism as defined by Karl Marx (1 xi-x). This government was soon divided into two fractions. One, the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir llich Lenin, favored establishment of a centralized communist society. The other faction, the Mensheviks favored establishment of a constitutional government because they believed Russia was not ready for revolution. In reality, neither party held a real majority, and many political figures became …show more content…
Throughout all the events in the novel and revolution, you can see the accomplishments and the failures in forming a dictatorship or any form of government. Another theme is that anything that sounds like paradise could quickly take advantage of you and change your whole vision of paradise. Like, with Animal Farm all the animals thought the farm would be heaven without Jones, and it turned out to be equal or even worse without him running the farm. Many themes could be learned from this story and revolution, but very few are