Essay Comparing Homer And Hesiod

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Comparative Analysis of Homer and Hesiod
The place most people go when thinking of origins of philosophy is to great names such as Socrates or Plato, and not so often does one stop to consider the philosophy that is found in original greek mythology. The poems of Homer and Hesiod are telling of the values and morals of Ancient Greece, but each author had their own ideas of what it was that should hold value. Whereas Hesiod placed emphasis on the concept of Justice and Virtue, Homer looked more towards the values of Moderation and Honor. Justice is a theme throughout much of greek philosophy, and it can be seen in both Hesiod and Homer’s tales. In Hesiod’s Theogony, justice can be seen more than once, the most notable example being Zeus’s trickery in order to restore his siblings and earthly order. Justice can also be seen in Homer’s poetry, but the focus is not on the justice being served but the morals violated. People and gods enact justice upon those who violate honor. “[Zeus] sees to it that flagrant violations of good order do not go unpunished.” Zeus is notorious for being the fatherly figure and therefore punisher of wickedness in both poems. Another overlapping theme in Homer and Hesiod’s mythology is that of virtue. Now Hesiod never clearly defined what
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Respecting honor can earn you favor with the gods but disrespecting it leads to terrible consequences. For example: Apollo’s plagues upon Greek armies for refusing to honor his priest’s request of the safe return of his daughter. When honor is not given to those who innately deserve it the punishments are fierce no matter how much mortal honor a champion or king may think they hold. The other common thread throughout the Iliad and Odyssey is moderation. When one becomes too prideful they fall; when one finds themselves overcome with anger they lose. Achilles represents the downfalls that come with lack of moderation, and that hubris led him to