Essay Comparing Outsiders 'And The Maze Runner'

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The protagonists in S.E Hinton’s ‘Outsiders’ and James Dahsner’s ‘The maze runner’ are Ponyboy and Thomas.They are both portrayed as two individuals who detach and distance themselves from those around them. This is shown in both novels by their collusion with pain, struggle and loss.
Inconsistently as these two main characters seek friendship, they soon find out that as the process goes on they isolate themselves from society more and more everyday, but at the same time they gain something important from all of their experiences.
In Hinton’s outsiders ponyboy is recognised as a member of a gang called the greasers. coincidently Thomas is also recognised as part of a group that isolates him from everyone else, this group is called the runners. Hinton shows this through the
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This is shown by following Simile"... the dark feeling of utter hopelessness, like the world had ended for him.” Thomas is feeling hopeless like he will never fit in and thats whats stopping him from making friends, doubt. In this case
Ponyboy and Thomas are both depicted as Outsiders.
Ponyboy and Thomas both experience violence, agony and Hopelessness because of where they stand in society. In ‘The maze runner’ Thomas experiences affliction, as those around him tend to threaten him and make him feel unwanted and that he didn't belong, and that they were too weak.
When thomas first enters the Glade (centre of the maze) he is greeted with an insult “…Thought you had the guts to be a runner, that is, until you face planted”. When this insult was said Thomas felt his self esteem drop dramatically, because they boys just practically called him weak and we alienating him from the group by calling him out, Ponyboy experiences something similar.