Essay Comparing The Giver And Pleasantville

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Kayla Chevinia
Analytical Reading/Thinking
The Comparison Between The Giver and Pleasantville’s Utopian Society
Imagine living in a perfect society but have no clue about anything outside it. The Giver and Pleasantville are both stories about utopian society, which means everything there is perfect. Although they bear some superficial similarities, the differences in rules, feelings, and knowledge between The Giver and Pleasantville are clear and something started to change after knowledge came.
While both The Giver and Pleasantville are controlled perfectly by the government, these two are still different in a number of ways. In The Giver, the government literally controlled everything including their job, spouses, and children. The people even have the same clothes, bikes, and houses because the government wanted to make
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The government in The Giver has the power to make everything be the way they want by giving pills and treatments to their people. In addition, the pills and treatment only made them ignorance because it reduced the feelings and emotion. Unlike people in The Giver, people in Pleasantville have experienced feelings even though it was only basic feeling such as sad and happy. In The Giver, the first people who experienced feeling beside The Giver and Rosemary is Jonas. After Jonas started to have feelings and knew what the pills and treatments did to his body, he decided to stop taking the pills and told Fiona about this but she did not believe him. In the end, it was only him and The Giver that knew about this. The rest of society still took the treatments along with the pills and had no clue about feelings and emotion. On the opposite, when David and Jennifer shared new things from the outside, people in Pleasantville wanted to experience and do experiment with their feelings. So one by one people started to do something different and they ended up feeling love and anger as