Essay Comparing The Interlopers And Harrison Bergeron

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“The Interlopers” and “Harrison Bergeron” are both interesting stories written by talented authors. In “The Interlopers” there are two enemies named Ulrich von Gradwitz and Georg Znaeym. Them and their families have been feuding for years. They were both after each other's blood. One day they were in the forest with rifles in their hands when a loud crash caused them to jump and get caught pinned underneath Ulrich’s snare. They argue for awhile as they wait for their soldiers to rescue them and finally end up ending their feud and becoming friends. Ulrich notices figures in the woods thinking they are people that are coming to save them when they realize they're actually wolves. In “Harrison Bergeron’ everyone was equal, no one was better looking, smarter stronger or quicker than anyone else. Only people with advantages wore bags. George and Hazel had a kid named Harrison that was just taken away from them. They were watching television and Hazel didn’t know why she had tears in her eyes because the government made her forget about what just happened. Harrison escaped prison and went on National Television and took over until the Handicap General came in and killed him and a dancer that became his Empress at the time. In this essay I’m going to compare and contrast the …show more content…
A difference in the stories is the setting. “The Interlopers” took place back then deep in the forest. “Harrison Bergeron” took place in the United States in 2081 as it states in the very first sentence of the story, “The year was 2081,”(Harrison Bergeron). Another difference is the stories themes. The theme of “The Interlopers” is to think about your actions and put aside your differences and the theme of “Harrison Bergeron” is that equality is for rights not looks, strengths, and intelligence. Those are just some of the differences between these stories. There are still small differences between