Essay Comparing The Kid Nobody Could Handle And Shutter Island

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The short story, “The Kid Nobody Could Handle,” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr and the movie, “Shutter Island,” by Martin Scorsese showcases how exposure to traumatic events can psychologically torment an individuals mind frame. These two text portray how experiencing emotional trauma can create a false perception of reality and construct a mental “cave” isolating the human mind from the truth. Plato’s theory, “The Allegory of the Cave,” demonstrates the ideology of human conception; it distinguishes between altering realities of the truth. According to Plato, knowledge is perceived through philosophical reasoning, not sensory. This idealism is presented through three prisoners whom are tied to a rock since birth, in a cave with a fire located behind them, preventing their heads from any …show more content…
The weather in the movie is shown as a dangerous storm that has hit and requires immediate shelter to survive. Symbolically, the storm represents how the one incident has caused havoc in Andrew’s life and portrays the confusion of who he really is. Likewise, the storm that appears to be unstoppable in the movie is not actually happening in reality; it is all in Andrew’s mind and cave. Additionally, throughout the movie, Edward Daniels is constantly searching for a man named Andrew Laeddis. Ironically, this portrays how Andrew has been probing for himself and trying to discover reality. At the same time, throughout the story, Jim appears to be constantly taking care of his boots and preventing any dirt from staining them. Symbolically, Jim is constantly cleaning his boots because he himself believes he is tainted and incapable of being cleaned so he unconsciously relies on his boots to represent his purity. Likewise, the chains on his boots emulate shackles because they showcase how Jim is tied to the past and Helmholtz recognizes this and rips Jim’s boots off. (Pg.