Essay Comparing The Lorax And Easter's End

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Environmental concerns are becoming a more popular topic in society today. However, some of these issues have been a problem for a very long time, most likely dating back to the first humans. In Dr. Seuss's The Lorax and Jared Diamond’s Easter’s End, both authors focus on the anthropogenic impacts on the environment. The two works share many common themes, though the context of the themes is different. In The Lorax, the events are completely fictional, and are a personification and an allegorical representation of the impacts of humans on the environment. Modern technology of factories was a major player in the devastation of the ecosystem in the story. Throughout the story, the factories are the major cause, leading to air pollution and water pollution in the form of smog and sludge. In addition, the degradation of this ecosystem took place over a few years because the resources, mainly the truffula trees, did not receive the time or consideration they needed to regrow for future use.
In the case of Easter Island, the destructions actually occurred on an Island in the South Pacific. The change in the environment is said
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The most obvious is that destruction occurred at these locations. In addition, both of the degradations were due to tragedy of the commons; the user used resources too quickly in relation to the time it take for those resources to replenish and the amount needed to sustain the environment. Of what is known about Easter Island is that many plants were destroyed, similarly to in The Lorax with the truffula trees. Since the resources became depleted, the user could no longer use them and any future created would be lost. In The Lorax, the thneeds and on Easter Island, homes or food would be lost. After time, neither location had become fully restored to its former glory. The similarities between the two locations are from the anthropogenic influences on the