Essay Comparing The Lover's Whirlwind And Starry Night

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The Similarities and Differences Between Two Artworks from Different Artists
I chose these two beautiful pieces of artwork to compare because to me they are breath taking. The paintings I chose are Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh and The Lover’s Whirlwind by William Blake. Both of these pieces of artworks are very much alike. The way the spirals wisps on each canvas gives off a sense of depth in the piece. There are also similar colors being used as well. With the Starry Night it seems that the spirals could be taking you somewhere else, just somewhere, anywhere from where you are at. The Lover’s Whirlwind is literally taking something (a soul or souls) somewhere. While some differences between Van Gogh’s Starry Night and William Blake's The lover’s Whirlwind are noticeable, the similarities between these two pieces of art are much more alike. The Starry Night- Post-Impressionism
Van Gogh Vincent, Starry Night, 1889-1890. Oil on Canvas, 74x92 cm. Museum of Modern Art, New York
The Lovers’ Whirlwind- Romanticism
Blake William, The Lovers’ Whirlwind, 1824-1827. Pen, Ink and watercolor, 374 x 530 mm, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery,
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They both give me the same feeling as I look at them, they make me feel that time does not stop, that life continues. Both styles also use emotion in their work. Also, the way the spiral’s wisps on each canvas give off a sense of depth in the piece, I think is the main focal points in both paintings. The way the paintings resemble each other looks is very similar. On both pieces, the sun or star is located in the top right corner on each painting, each taking the place of another focal point in the pieces. Each painting is to be interpreted by the viewer, without a clear story in place, the viewer is able to create their own story or meaning to what is being