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Holly Lynne Hall
Boyd Minner

English 1301, NT

11 June 2015 Some Children's Lack of Respect for Parents

In America today, it seems that most children are being accepted for being disrespectful towards adults. Respect has completely vanished. What causes this rudeness, disobedience, and disrespect? One main reason is the lack of discipline and obedience towards children at a young age, also how media has chosen to disrespect and praise children that are disrespectful towards elders, they think it makes them “cool”. In families in today society parents are way to concern with themselves and there own career to show discipline and to their children. So when their children ask for something and they are whinny and starts threatening, the parents back down and the teenager feels powerful. Thus this results in why children lack respect for adults because their parents never taught them how to respect someone. It then becomes the parents duty to teach there children how to respect authorities. So today’s society really needs more parents to show more dominance towards their children, and being more prevalent in there children’s life’s. However, media believes that disrespecting parents and elders is “cool” and fun, and the reason for this is because it is entertaining to watch. Which honestly its highly stupid. The media shows us on “Sixteen and Pregnant” that it is okay to disrespect our parents, and go sleep around when children are underage, and also media makes the children feel like they are in the right. Also media shows us that it is okay to yell at our parents as in many movies and shows like “ “ . Thus just shows us that our society today has really changed from even forty years ago. As another example how media shows that its okay to disrespect your parents is when people like Miley Cyrus goes around with no cloths on and shows everything she has to the whole world. I believe that is