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Fernando Brandão de Braga
1- Depression is becoming an increasing problem for many people. What are three causes of depression in adults? Have you ever being in such a dark place which you couldn't get out? Have you ever had your heart broken, or even lost someone close whose presence and caring were so deeply important that everything looked gray and in slow motion? Try to remember that deep, strong and devastating feeling of nothingness, loneliness that can reap and torn one's mind and heart. Now try to imagine that feeling, mood on daily basis. Depression has been following human kind throughout history where scientists, philosophers, artists and many others have tried to understand and deal with such strong clinical phenomenon. Depression on adults has a great variety of origins due to its complexity, nevertheless three known reasons that can originate depression are stress, sleep deprivation and drugs. Stress plays a great deal when it comes to create and nourish depression. A job promotion could bring responsibilities, overtime, conflict between peers among others circumstances which will trick and immerse one's mind into a labyrinth of endless issues nurtured by a routine. Hence, the perfect environment for depression is created where the way out is blurred by a confused and stressed out mind. Others circumstances can bring a lot of concern and mislead the mind towards events that cannot be avoided and as a result the body and mind creates a self defense mechanism trying to thrive in these stressful situations. However, stressful situations can be piled up and changed, opening the rabbit hole way further than one's mind can go and see the light. Secondly, drugs can play a important role in depression since its chemicals can cause dependency. Chemicals assists the body to produce and increase the level of certain substances which make the person feel better for a short amount of time, explaining one of the reasons why people are addicted to drugs. On the other hand of the sudden happiness caused by drugs is the depression as it increases and become stronger each time the person consumes the drug searching for a moment of relief. The person who is affected by the drug's effect will try to