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Dire prediction Essay portion 120 points Due date ___Dec. 3/4

I will not accept your work after the collection period at the beginning of class of the due date. You may turn them in earlier to me but there will be NO EXCEPTIONS. I will not receive them after your class due date for any reason. Do it early so as not to be caught in an unexpected illness or emergency. Start today!!!

This assignment asks you to read Dire Predictions and your text and build a basic understanding of the reasons scientists believe the global climate is in a state of crisis. It is based on the IPCC findings and assessments of the task force established in 1988 by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). It presents the scientific basis for human induced climate changes and its impacts. Could it be that on a human level NOT understanding the science of global warming allows us to be Okay to NOT make the hard societal and individual changes concerning HOW we live? It seems our societal choices in the next few years will be critical, however in this century scientists tell us we will be unable to escape already positive feedbacks in earth systems put into place by past actions. You are asked to integrate and engage yourself with the informative “Dire Predictions” demonstrating to me by your explanations the conclusions and methodology used by science. Please answer all questions in complete thoughtful sentences thoroughly and accurately. Support your responses by EXPLAINING scientific processes and giving multiple examples in order to get all possible points for each of the numbered questions. You must answer all questions completely and coherently. All responses MUST be typed, single spaced, 11 point font and matched to the properly numbered questions, one and two. Do NOT copy directly from your sources. I need you to explain in your own scientific voice in order to assess your understandings. You need to digest the information and then express it clearly yourself. You need not use footnotes unless you are directly quoting from a source outside your text and "Dire predictions".

Your Dire predictions assignment is not due until Dec. 3/4 but I am giving you the essay portion early. My suggestion is to take one question a week and prepare it as you pull material from the text, lecture and Dire book. I will give you the take home multiple choice portion later, this way you are not overwhelmed. BUT DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. All essay questions must be typed single space around 11 point font. The questions have multiple questions within so you can readily just organize by number such as : 1) complete sentences and paragraphs and when there is an a) b) c) etc. Just write complete paragraphs under each letter. Any confusion please ask!

Essay Questions:

1) Explain in scientific terms what is involved in natural GHG warming and what is involved in anthropogenic enhancing of GHG warming. What is the difference? How does human activities force a warming of the earth? Describe in detail each of the radiatively active gases and their sources responsible for Global warming, CO2, ( include the carbon atom characteristics and cycle) Methane, Nitrous Oxide, CFC’s ( HCFCs and HFCs) and most especially CO2 (20 pts.)

These terms and concepts must be INCLUDED and EXPLAINED and RELATED to the questions you are answering.
Short wave radiation removal mechanism
Longwave radiation, infrared